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Grooveshark: Free Internet Radio (Tons of Japanese Music!)

July 12, 2011

I found something about a month ago that I’ve been meaning to post. It’s called Grooveshark, and it’s made of pure awesome. It’s a free internet radio, with a twist. You can choose what you listen to, and when by making your own playlists. And as far as I can tell, there are no limitations to this.


  • Tons of [Japanese] Music to choose from – I’ve not found any artist yet that isn’t on Grooveshark.
  • Web-based – you don’t have to download a desktop application to listen. You just need a web browser.
  • Playlists – you can build and save your own. You can also share them with others, as well as get other people’s playlists.
  • No commercials – just hours of play time.
  • Unlimited (as far as I can tell) play time. I’ve never been prompted to upgrade to some paid service level. The only thing it prompts you for is if you’ve not shown activity in a while (to save bandwidth).
  • Cross-platform – there are apps available for Android (and probably iPhone as well) that you can grab your playlists from as well if you sign up for a free account. Very handy for listening in the car.

Head on over to Grooveshark, your immersion environment will thank you. 🙂

Note: Placed this on the Tools page as well.

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