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進捗状況の更新/しんちょくじょうきょうのこうしん/progress update

June 19, 2011


I know, it’s been a bit since an update, but I have reasons. Good ones, in fact.

First off, I’ve noticed that trying to have a new post every 2 or 3 days seriously hampers my ability to accomplish other things. For instance, if I’m constantly writing new articles in English (such as this one), my time spent learning Japanese is reduced. So, I’m spreading updates out a bit, at least until I can start writing them in Japanese. 🙂

The second reason was that I was out of town for almost a week, with limited access to computers/my tools for learning Japanese. Writing an update is kinda hard when you’re not able to access a computer easily.

Anyway, a new, well-established and well-written (as always, don’t you know? Actually, that’s bullsh- crap, but you know what I mean) article will be out soon. 良い一日を!

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